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Campaigning for Safe Cities
Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Campaigning for Safe Cities Background: Campaign is one of the tools ActionAid used for decades to achieve sustainable change. Through the campaign Safe Cities want ActionAid increase awareness of girls and young women in the slums of the world's great cities. The campaign Safe Cities will ActionAid Sweden among others, to work with geographic and thematic groups within the foundation Freezer house, among other groups in Skärholmen and Mpower Group. By young people to be involved and to identify their immediate surroundings, we highlight the issue of girls' and women's insecurity in Swedish suburbs, while showing solidarity action against the developing countries of the South. The mapping is further given to municipality leaders in each area. The campaign begins in Stockholm in 2015, in 2016 we will start up in Malmö and 2017 in Mälardalen. We will also create other forms for advocacy. To do this effectively, we want to take the course in how to create a powerful campaign for Safe Cities. We intend to use trainer from one of ActionAid´s Global Platforms. " Global Platforms" is a worldwide network of training hubs for empowerment and activism. Here ActionAid provides innovative trainings and capacity building for organisations and young individuals who wish to take positive action in their societies. We are determined to provide youth with knowledge, skills and attitude to be active global citizens! Objectives: Through this specific project we want to expand ActionAid Sweden and ActionAid Ireland campaign activity, form groups of effective campaign workers by meeting across borders becomes even more involved and sets the bar even higher. Everything to our advocacy work will become effective, long-term and sustainable. By designing a project linking young people in Sweden with young leaders in other EU countries, we also want to raise young people's awareness of Europe's place in the world and the feeling of being a European citizen. By Europe stands together, the effects of our commitment to eradicating poverty and fighting injustice become larger. We want to show that even though our daily lives locally, nationally and internationally can look different in many ways, we can recognize ourselves in each other's situation and if we work together, support each other and show solidarity is a change, an improvement is possible. Number of participants and profile: During each activity 20 youth workers participate, half from Sweden and half from Ireland. The participants have different social, cultural and educational backgrounds. Common to all is a passion that together influence for positive change. Methods: Learning occurs through Participatory Training Methods, Action Based Learning, informal learning. Durability, performance and impact: This project forms part of the start-up of youth activities in Sweden and Ireland, and thus made direct development of ActionAid Sweden and ActionAid Ireland organizations. We want this project to get a really good start in youth activities, and solid knowledge of campaigning, so that we across European borders can work together to achieve sustainable social change both in Europe and in the South. After the campaign course and campaigning together, we continue to build the campaign Safe Cities in Sweden and Ireland. The partnership we have built up to meet and get shared knowledge and experience will be the basis for the development of our campaigns. Awareness of girls and young women in big cities are disseminated to the general public of the participants create and perform their own campaigns locally in the global context. This spread locally, nationally and globally through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and websites.



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