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Cámara y Acción contra la desigualdad
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be developed in La Zubia village of Granada, Spain. The project will develop 40 participants. will be 7 participants from each country: Spain, poland, latvia, Gerogia.. The project will take place between July 19, 2015 (day of arrival) and July 30, 2015 (day trip). Profile of participants, aged between 18 and 30 years without knowledge of cinema. The activities performed are: - Dynamic presentation - Workshops film initiation. Different workshops for attendees to become informed and gain experience in different rolls of film and be able to develop a short films.. We will use a dynamic and open methodology. - Dynamics. - Discussions on various types of inequality. - Cultural evenings. - Projection and analysis of a film. - Preproduction:The participants in groups will prepare all of the necessary preparations for the film. The methodology will work in groups. - Make the film. will film the shorts. - Cultural visits. - Film assembly in groups. - Excursion to the next natural park of Sierra Nevada. - Day of visit to the Zubia and advertising of film shorts. - Exhibition of short films that constitutes the young sample of short films in La Zubia in which a prize will be awarded. - Evaluation. - Completing Youthpass. - Final party. Results: four short films that will be released in the sample and be released using Internet platforms in order to reach the maximum number of people. Also will be screened in other to municipalities, and youth meetings of Granada as the XI meeting of correspondents and youth associations of the IAJ of Granada. Reaching as many young people as we can. since we claim they become aware of different forms of inequalities that surround them. Expected Impact: all participants will learn roles of film, shooting a short film. Therefore, we expect our participants to make new films in their place of residence. Besides, the widder the youth association will continue with this project helping with the knowledge and tools gained all the young people of La Zubia who want to create a short. Besides, We aim that participants have a better understanding of the inequalities of their environment and other environments within the European Union and allied countries. Thus, long term, participates will change this realities using existing democratic mechanism in their countries can combat the extent of their ability. In addition, the City of La Zubia and the youth association widder undertake to give continuity by doing young Displays of short films in La Zubia annually. Therefore, we will give visibility to other short films made by young people. We also aim to learn do others european projects using the knowledge we have acquire doing this exchange.



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