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Calling Youth to Action in a Global Visibility Drive
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

YouACT aims to develop a visibility strategy to promote the value of volunteering and stimulate youth participation worldwide. This requires a communication strategy that is goal-driven, on-going, cost effective, well-timed and has clear targets. YouACT's partners will be able to modernize and internationalize their public relations and external communication systems, and likewise enhance skillsets of youth workers (i.e. staff, mentors, volunteers...). The wider the promotion, the greater the recognition of youth voluntary work and non-formal learning, the higher the numbers of youth stimulated to active participation, and the larger the impact on youth policies and systems in EU and partner countries. Aims: I. Visibility: Create global visibility by promoting volunteering in 21 countries on 4 continents and reaching large numbers of youth, incl. young people with fewer opportunities, to inspire them to active citizenship, and to forge new partnerships for youth and voluntary work.II. Building Capacity: Develop a tailor-made visibility strategy and enhance the non-formal education and communication skillset of youth workers.Activities: 1. Visibility Kick Off, Berlin, Germany 2. Calling Youth to Action: Multipliers’ Training for a Global Visibility Drive, Accra, Ghana3. Calling Youth to Action in promotion campaigns in 21 countries: Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, Iceland, UK, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, India, Nepal and Vietnam4. Visibility Evaluation, Paris, FranceTangible Results: a) Global network of communication multipliers from 10 European, 4 Latin American, 4 African, and 3 Asian countries develop a visibility strategy and implement it together with volunteers, youth, host projects...b) An international visibility training for 25 communication-multipliersc) Campaigns raising awareness of volunteering in 21 countries involving diverse stakeholders and reaching youth, NGOs and the wider publicd) A visibility strategy and visibility guide for ongoing, long-term, sustainable and result-oriented promotion and disseminatione) Strengthened existing partnerships, new collaborations with NGOs, local authorities/ministries, host projects, other youth/volunteering organisationsf) Active participation of increased number of youth in volunteering and civil society Impact on youth, volunteers, civil society, volunteering NGOs and local communities:a) Greater visibility, recognition and validation of volunteering and non-formal learning worldwideb) Long-term increase in global youth engagement in local communities in 21 countries c) Cultural exchange at local and international levels will fosters cultural diversity, equality and solidarity d) Strengthened partnerships and new collaborations and partnershipse) Hands-on campaigning work will foster youth entrepreneurship and employability, build leadership, creativity and responsibility


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