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Calcium- and light signals in photosynthetic organisms (CALIPSO)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"CALIPSO is a genuine interdisciplinary and intersectorial research network composed of nine academic research institutions and three industrial partners, thus presenting an example of true translational research and training of young researchers in communicating and transferring achievements from different model organisms directly to industrial partners. CALIPSO aims at identifying environmentally triggered regulatory calcium signals and protein phosphorylation events that control photosynthesis and metabolism. CALIPSO partners work with a wide range of different organisms covering the full phylogenetic spectrum from algae to higher plants including economically important crops. They combine a wide spectrum of newest technologies in molecular biology, biochemistry, proteomics, metabolomics, genetics, bioinformatics and systems biology to uncover how photosynthetic organisms acclimate to changing environmental conditions or stress. This novel combination of scientific expertise combined with industrial applications is one of the major strengths of CALIPSO, exposing the participating researchers to different “schools of thought”. The active participation of Bayer CropScience Gent and Ecoduna as full network partners, and Photon Systems Instruments as associated partner, will enable intersectorial industry-academia cooperation with the long term objectives of (i) improving yield and stress robustness of crops and (ii) developing microalgal-biotechnology. The integrated systematic training programme of CALIPSO will boost the future employability of the young researchers by acquisition of technical skills for their work in academia or the private sector and also essential complementary skills for their future career. The training programme comprises three workshops on state-of-the art techniques - and one on industrial-relevant skills. This is completed by secondments to partner laboratories and industry and network-wide training events in further complementary skills."



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