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CAE DS - Cast products and mould designer skills at the European context

Casting or injection moulded product designers and mould designers often work in a transnational context where it is important to master complex CAD software products, be aware of customer production methods, master specific design tricks, etc. The project is aimed at developing new training opportunities and improving existing training programmes on a basis of elaboration of products in die casting foundries and mould making industry and injection moulding industry. In this respect, the following results are expected to be achieved by the project completion: casting designer and mould construction skills and competence requirements in 6 partner countries, 6 sets of 3D-CAD exercises and CAD software, training materials on die casting alloys, plastic materials, mould part machining, castings design and practices. Training courses are intended to be tested by organisations involved in the partnership. Target groups are identified as follows: employees in continuing VET and students in technical university and polytechnic schools in initial training in the areas targeted by the project (casting technology, plastics technology, mould designing, technical designing).



14 Participants partenaires