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CAD проектиране на нискоенергийни къщи
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Low Energy House and Computer Aided Design” meets the increased demand for technical specialists in the field of computer technologies, programming and civil engineering. Designing, constructing and operating an energy-efficient building is part of the common European policy on energy efficiency while the employment of drawing software in all stages of structural design and in technical documentation defines the necessity of good knowledge and practical skills in the application of CAD in daily work. Taking into account the specialties offered at „Ivan Hadzhienov”Vocational school - Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Equipment and Technologies and Mechatronics, the Mobility project „Low Energy House & Computer Aided Design” fully matches both the students’ interests and the need for highly qualified technicians in the building sector. The planned mobility includes a three-week training placement in Dresden, Germany, during which the training partner WBS Training will provide tuition for 20 students for the third time within Mobility in a new professional field. The project aims at supporting participants in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences in the practical application of drawing software as well as in the adoption of German know-how and experience in the field of renewable energy and low-energy houses construction. The topics are not included in the school curriculum yet and the school does not have technical labs and equipment for modern education in the field of low-energy buildings. The planned Work programme will bring innovation and creativity to the participants’ education and will provide better possibilities in their future professional development. A participation in the mobility will improve the participants’ language skills in a foreign language environment and will develop a necessity for on-going self-improvement and life-long learning. The expected outcomes include broadening possibilities for the young specialists, improvement of their specific professional skills as well as familiarization with European requirements and work standards. Through the current project, “Ivan Hadzhienov” Vocational school as a Sending organization will improve the quality and attractiveness of the education offered in the technical subjects, will certify the participants’ skills and competences and will also increase young people’s motivation for further development in the technical field. The Mobility project will consolidate the the school’s partnership with a European training organization and will increase the opportunities for adoption and sharing of good practices in the sphere of education and training. All participants in the Training placement will receive Certificates, validating the acquired skills and competences. The project will give them a successful start for a future career in the chosen profession.



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