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C.R.E.A. - Creamos, Realizamos y Emprendemos en el Aula
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

School success and the inclusion of our students with special educational needs are our greatest academic concerns. Our primary objective is to achieve an inclusive school with equal opportunities for all our students. Our students with special educational needs need to be provided with innovative and enterprising methodological updates. After a thorough analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, we have determined that the use of traditional methodologies can generate unmotivated students. Such students end up becoming part of the rates of school failure in Primary Education and High School early drop-out. Our objective is, therefore, the use of modern and innovative methodologies around creativity and entrepreneurship, and the creation of a website for the effective dissemination of our learnings and results.Firstly, we need to promote entrepreneurship to develop creativity, initiative, perseverance, cooperative work, responsibility and all the qualities required for the inclusion of our students in the world of work in the 21st century. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is the bridge that we need to bring society and school together, and it is for this reason that, apart from acquiring global training on entrepreneurship, we intend to implement the use of LEGOS following the Danish model in our classrooms and do a publicity campaign to promote the work and ideas of local ecological associations. Likewise, after getting training in the use of creativity within the British educational system, we intend to influence the intellectual, emotional and relational development of our students. Finally, we consider it necessary to obtain formation on how to create a website and strategies to successfully disseminate our learnings at local and international levels.To carry out our objectives successfully, we are aware of the importance of the selection of participants with a dynamic, communicative and responsible profile to disseminate methodologies and planned activities inside and outside our team. The school has determined that we need six international mobilities to achieve our goals. In order to guarantee that we develop these objectives, discussion, monitoring, evaluation, and economic committees have been created, which will ensure, each in its area of responsibility, the successful reach of agreements and commitments by all the parties.The committees will ensure our results’ impact before, during and after the project is implemented. The goal is to anticipate and assess at any time the effect of our activities and their results not only in the participants, but in our institution and the rest of partner organizations, both locally and internationally. The committees are also responsible to monitor and control who, how and when to disseminate the results of our project, both locally and internationally, providing a model of dissemination strategy as well as the tools that will be used for that purpose. As a prime example, we have made a drawing contest with students and families from the school, in which we could gather ideas from drawings with the Erasmus+ logo, the acronym KA1 and our students’ ideal school. We take this as a first example of the use of entrepreneurship and active use of creativity. The results, as well as the characteristics of the outline of this project, have been published in our website. We intend to achieve wider and deeper knowledge from other educational systems so we don’t stop there. At the international level, we are also going to publish our expectations and results on the eTwinning website.As a conclusion, we aim to ensure the sustainability of the new methodologies during and after the process. The evaluation of the achievements and the impact as described on the above paragraphs will be made public. Our goal is to set new educational models and continue spreading our experiences at national and international level through media and effective web dissemination. It will help us promote our ideas for future cooperation with our European partners and they would also substantially contribute to the internationalization of our school.



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