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C'ITI' zen EVS
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project C'ITI'zen EVS is divided into a partnership between the French organization Itineraire International, coordinator and sending organization, the Finnish Foundation HRAKS and the Spanish NGO Isla Creativa, host organizations. These three organizations are specialized or sensitized to work with people in difficulty, or less opportunities. The project aims to promote European citizenship, inclusion and equality, creativity, through sending 8 French volunteers, four of them in Finland and four in Spain. This projectwill be developped for youngster with fewer opportuinities, it is only for the NEETS public. The first aim is to participate in a process of "mobility for all." Young people who engage in short-term EVS are generally in a destabilizing questionning process and have trouble identifying their needs, expectations, professional or personal desires . The role of the project is to make them aware that international mobility is an option even with few qualifications, experience or level languages and that they can use some time to build themselves in order to better find their way. In a difficult economic environment, employability remains a major challenge, some youth find themselves remote from employment because they are prone to problems (economic, social, geographic, discrimination etc.). This is a theme that can be found throughout Europe. By sending volunteers in EVS, the project C'ITI'zen EVS designs the mobility as a step in structuring a professional and personal path. The main objective of this projectis the development of new skills (technical, social, transverse) for the volunteers, the awareness to European citizenship, social and professional inclusion. Through various activities such an approach to organic agriculture, handicrafts through recycling techniques, animation workshops for disabled public, participation in inclusion workshops, manuals and economic workshops, sports activities, awareness to European citizenship activities etc, C'ITI'zen EVS aims to develop participants knowledge and multidisciplinary know-hows. This is also an opportunity for the volunteers to make a step back on their course and a projection into the future and their career plans. The methodology will be based on a stronger support for volunteers before, during , and after their mobility experience through non-formal education tools . Before departure , support will focus on individual and collective preparation time ( administrative, languagcourses , cultural and intercultural workshops , a real awareness towards EVS and Europe , regular monitoring ) . During the mobility, the volunteers will have the support of a mentor , as in all EVS projects , but also "extra mentor" specially dedicated to provide daily assistance to facilitate their inclusion and their activities , to overcome language difficulties and make this the most beneficial experience possible for volunteers. Once the volunteers returned, the support will take the form of a valuation developed through mobility skills for a better socio-professional integration . Tools such as a logbook and Youthpass be used. The expected results are related to quality of work and support for the acquisition of new skills for volunteers. Knowing how to value these assets in their socio-professional course is the expected outcome of the project , to ensure a better inclusion of these young people. One of the main expected results is also a good working partnership between the organizations participating in the project , but also at local level between the sending organization and the partner organizations that guide young people in difficulty towards Itineraire International. This project iaims to a local , national and European impact, the involvement of different actors, intercultural awareness for volunteers but also for the local Spanish and Finnish population will be in contact with the French volunteers. The major impact is the development of European citizenship , awareness of common frame of themes and values. Finally, the expected long-term benefits are a long-term partnership between the three organizations through the European Voluntary Service, and possibly other projects, such as a youth exchange project for a lasting partnership that will seek to always better support volunteers in their inclusion process and awareness to Europe.



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