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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

buntkicktgut is working in the sports and youth division since 1997. A continous street football league is being organized in Munich and its surroundings as an open offer for kids and adolescents from 8 to 21 years. The project is supported by the association IG Initiativgruppe - Interkulturelle Begegnung und Bildung e.V. The organization team consists of 4 permanent workers and a changing number of trainees and honorary workers. The work of a european voluntary at buntkicktgut consists of practical and theorecitcal activities. Which include the mentoring of a street football team, the organization of matchdays and tournaments, the support of the cooperation between teams and proper facilities. The activity in the office contains the communication with the teams, the planning of the matchdays and the administration of the materials of the storage. Additionally every volunteer can partizipate in a partizipation project like the internet redaction, break'n'ball or assisting in the planning and organization of a youth exchange. buntkicktgut is founder member of the network street football, an association of street football projects in 8 cities in Germany. buntkicktgut is member in the Bayerischer Landessportverband (blsv) and the Bayerische Fußballverband (BFV). The league shall connect children and adulescents from different countries. The organized and continous offer shall help the project to be effective in view of youth crime and the handling of violance: street football serves as catalist in regulated processes the reduction of aggressions and frustration and is additionally a teamsport that requires interactive and cooperative behavior. The motivation of our organization is to connect adolescent multiplicators from different countries with adolescents from Munich and with our socio-political projection. A developpement and unfolding of the personality shall be supported by exchange and taking over of different tasks from the social and sportive sector and the successful project programm and the integrative, peventive and international thought shall be carried along.



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