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Bunt ist die KinderWelt im Frauenberg
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We plan two long-term volunteers in the kindergarten "Kinderwelt am Frauenberg". The name of the project is "Colourful is childrens world at the Frauenberg". The host projects is part of the organized institution JugendSozialwerk e.V. In the "Kinderwelt am Frauenberg" We´ve decided for two volunteers particularly from Georgia and Macedonia. We don´t expect specific knowledge from the volunteers. It´s more important, that the volunteers want to work by their own choice and take the chance to grow and learn. They will work with children, who will be in the ages 3 till 6. We prefer, that the volunteers have a positive attitude to this target audience. Our aim is, that we support the volunteers in their self-determined development and the established understanding to be a European citizen. For that it is important, to get to know their cultural personality, their interests and skills and let them work with these abilities in the Kindergarten. "Give Children a try to get to know Europe" is a main topic at both projects. The children as well as the volunteers should get to know Europe in a playful way. With these topic we try, that all participant get in touch with tolerance and accept other people to be different. All of our European volunteers have the chance to experience that every day. Both host projects offer many different pedagogic ways ( Froebelpedagogic, speech therapist e.g.). So the volunteers can be sure to get good introductions for their work. Nearly every colleague have a lot of knowledge in intercultural education and diversity-pedagogic . At the same time both organizations take part of different international projects and work since over 10 years with European volunteers . If the volunteers work in cross-projects, for example projects at the Europe house, Nadja Gropp will be their contact partner. It´s important for us, that the volunteers get to know and work with different European topics and get the possibility to experience Europe on different ways. In addition to Nadja Gropp the volunteers get support by Susanne Ratsfeld. She is the responsible coordinator of the regional group Nordhausen. She is always in contact with Nadja Gropp. We are looking for sustainability by including our volunteers in public events. At this events they get in contact with several people. At the same time the volunteers have to write some articles for our journey "Blitzlicht" as well as for the paper "Litfaßsäule". All in all we are getting sustainability by having intensive contacts, regularly evaluations and a lot of education programs as well as the already described events and projects.



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