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Statistics show that many workers are looking forward to moving to other EU countries and employers are glad to receive this foreign workforce, but both groups experience problems in terms of insufficient harmonization of training and lack of knowledge regarding specific equivalences.The main aim of this project was to develop an innovative information tool specialised in the construction sector to facilitate qualification and mobility of trainees and workers around Europe. The specific objectives of BuildOut were:- Providing updated comparative information regarding qualifications and skills, learning paths, accreditations and certifications, administrative and cultural information in a simple manner for foreign workers/trainees in the construction sector - Enhancing information flow between employers, training institutions and potential employees and trainees among the project partners- Creating and innovative online tool to facilitate access to information mentioned in the items above- Achieving maximum acceptance and use of the tool among potential usersTarget groups of the project are therefore people enrolled in the Construction vocational training system, as well as people in the Construction labour market, and also tutors, trainers, teachers, guidance counselors who supply training, guidance and placement services to subjects who are part of the educational and vocational training system and who intend to enter the construction labour market and who envisage the need for mobility.Consortium comprises partners from Germany, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and UK with direct access to BUILDOUT target groups and potential users at their national level during their regular activities. The developers of he products transferred are in the consortium.BuildOut produced a multilingual platform containing:- an online database with updated comparative information regarding qualifications and skills, learning paths, accreditations and certifications- a practical information kit for constructions workers/trainees in the move- a transnational advertisement section where positions for jobs/placements/courses for target groupsBuildOut impacted the VET systems improving quantity and quality of mobility among trainees and workers, qualification transparency and contact between labour market and VET in construction sector.



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