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Building Youth Supportive Communities
Date du début: 15 mai 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The importance of leisure time activities offered to young people, and especially the way in which these activities relate to and interfere with their personal development and to community development, is our motivation for running the Youth Centre. It is of utmost importance that young people everywhere are offered a large variety of participation opportunities and learning experiences. We strongly believe that by proving the community with the example of involved young people, taking initiative on their personal development process and acting as resources for the Youth Centre will positively influence the community in issues regarding young people. The project, “Building Youth Supportive Communities” (BYSC) aims at increasing solidarity and support of the community towards young people by involving young EVS volunteers as resources in youth related activities using nonformal education and peer learning. The project’s objectives are to: Promote volunteering and nonformal education in the municipalities of Izvoarele, Maneciu and Valenii de Munte over a period of 10 months with the support of 4 international volunteers Increase the European dimension of Curba de Cultura Youth Centre’s activities over a period of 10 months Provide a framework for peer learning among the EVS volunteers and the local young people over a period of 10 months Increase the sense of tolerance, understanding, solidarity and European Citizenship among the volunteers and young people in the community Provide a framework for personal development, acquirement of competencies and foreign language skills for 4 EVS volunteers and their Romanian peers over a period of 10 months Raise awareness on the importance of mobilities and international exposure and it’s positive effect on young people’s development



4 Participants partenaires