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Building Young Role Models in Central Asia and Europe
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'Building Young Role Models in Central Asia and Europe' (BY RC) aims at empowering youth volunteers to become role models and competent active voices for improved health choices of vulnerable youth in Denmark, Kyrgyzstan and Romania by strengthening their volunteer capacities and skills through trainings, exchanges and development of non-formal life skills educational material. By fostering cooperation between the three countries, youth volunteers will gain experiences and skills to support of young people facing difficult life circumstances that affects their physical and mental well-being.The main objectives of BY RC are: a) to build the capacity of Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) youth volunteers to become progressive and competent leaders able to lead the non-formal life skills education of their peer volunteers and vulnerable youth; b) to address the health and life challenges of vulnerable youth in Denmark, Kyrgyzstan and Romania by developing non-formal life skills training schemes through the exchange of best practices and c) youth volunteers are able to facilitate dialogue with public stakeholders in Denmark, Kyrgyzstan and Romania concerning initiatives and solutions for young people’s health and life style challenges. In all three countries, youth are at the forefront of societal challenges affecting their health and mental well-being such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and social marginalisation. There is a need and opportunity for Civil Society Organisations to address these life challenges through a range of non-formal life skills activities in order to have positive young role models with increased self-esteem and a sense of hope. BY RC enables young people to adapt to and effectively deal with the demands and challenges in their lives. The core life skills include: the ability to take responsibility and to make decisions, solve problems, think creatively, analyse and embrace proper values for youth to succeed in achieving their goals in life.By engaging youth volunteers from the three countries in the of use peer-to-peer methods, the project will strengthen the skills of youth volunteers by exploring innovative ways and new approaches in conducting life skills activities. These experiences will be compiled and developed into tangible non-formal life skills educational material to be disseminated throughout Europe, Central Asia and in other parts of the world. The non-formal life skills material will provide youth volunteers around the world with tools and methods to address the life challenges of their peers by engaging them in fun, creative and meaningful activities.