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"Building today from yesterday to tomorrow"
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The exchange has developed between the countries: Spain, Latvia and Estonia. The activities of the project and the body has been made in the city of Palencia, (northern Spain) which is a very friendly city and this reason has facilitated young people have been enjoying the activities proposed in both the city and the municipalities visited the province, so that participants have checked all the importance of culture in this area, as well as the open and hospitable nature of the people. The project has run as planned, young people are interrelated and shared learning experiences and gradually, this fact has helped the distribution of activities as initially potentiated the meeting and presentation and were gradually favoring the young people take initiatives and their relationships were stronger. Both in places where there have been activities, and in places where we have stayed has been left a small footprint of this project, the spirit as he had planned this program, ie has breathed an air of well-being, participation, solidarity, ... obviously each with its nature and culture, but with open and ready to enjoy the experience mind. If we speak of the human context, the group comprised 32 young people have between 15 and 21 years, of which 55% were boys and 45% girls. The groups from the Baltic countries were a group of young people with fewer geographical, social and economic opportunities, which have enjoyed the experience to the fullest. This was relatively easy to get, because the open and participatory nature has prevailed during these days we have shared. From the beginning it had clear goals to be achieved, as this project is a continuation of another last year, so the leaders could increase awareness of everything that could happen during the implementation phase. Knowing the way and the goal is easier to reach them even if there some easier than others. Learn and interact cross-culturally. Actively participate in all activities, promoting solidarity, cooperation and social inclusion. Know the culture of other young Europeans. To raise awareness amongst young people of European citizenship. Creating concerns about learning about other cultures. Teach and share customs and traditions of both countries. All these objectives have been the general of this project, every day it looked like they learned from each other as they shared experiences. The language used mostly in this exchange was English, which was the perfect nexus of union between the different groups. This section will highlight some of the most representative body actions of this project, as were the cultural visits in the city center of Palencia (day and night), the excursion to the Roman Villa of the Olmeda to report to the website of the place including, of course visits to the municipality of Saldaña, Frómista, Paredes de Nava, Baltanás, La Serna, os Condes Carrión ... where the intercultural weight has been very interesting to appreciate. Highlight on the Camino de Santiago as it was an amazing experience for the whole group. But these activities have not been there, but each had a reinforcement, a workshop, an evening in which young people should participate and build these reinforcements from what they learned by relying on colleagues and leaders group. There have been other training and informational activities for Erasmus + program of European citizenship and knowledge of the group in Europe ... here we must highlight the importance of content and accessibility of the information that has been given to all members of the group so that they can expand their knowledge. Outdoor activities, food exchanges, popular games, photographic rallies, etc ... complete the activities these days. The program results have been disseminated through websites, social media, press, local radio and television so the impact on the region has been much broader than in the past. The objectives achieved, Youthpass, the progression of the interrelationship between groups, the inculcation of behavior and values ​​of solidarity and equity, work or perform different activities with a group of people from different countries, learn about other cultures, etc ... are the results young people to take home. Apart from a real concern feel European, active and eager to learn more things from other countries



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