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Building the Future of Transnational Cooperation in Water Resources in South East Europe (Educate!)
Date du début: 30 avr. 2006, Date de fin: 30 août 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The management of water resources ensures not only the security of the water supply, it also contributes to environmental protection. To reach a high quality standard of water resource management, professional education and knowledge and cross-national approaches are indispensable because dealing with water resources transgresses national boundaries. The project region, located in South-Eastern Europe, is characterised by a lack of capacity in the environmental and water resource sector. The Educate! project addresses this weakness of the region. It promotes cross-border co-operation efforts of professionals by making use of long established collaboration projects at major universities of the region. Education schemes for future policy-makers, such as young university graduates, and training measures for current government officials and the industry should help to improve the management of water resources. The means to achieve this ambitious yet vital aim is to develop a Transnational School for the Environment (TSE), initiate a postgraduate education programme and set up training courses for government officials and the industry. Educate! will assist in shaping current and future policies and practices in Water Resources Management in South-Eastern Europe through professional capacity building and provision of a common understanding of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) for young graduates within a co-operative, transnational environment. The overall objective of the initiative is to assist the regional transnational co-operation in Water Resource Management and Environmental Protection. This will be achieved by educating future policy-makers, while at the same time providing training measures for people currently involved in environmental politics. Expected Results: Specifically, Educate! will provide the following results: - Set up and operate a network of Higher Education Organisations in South-Eastern Europe with expertise in Environmental Protection and Water Resources Management, - Develop a flexible structure for delivering the course contents across geographic areas and across different audiences (from students to professionals) through e-learning and a modular format supporting continuous education and vocational training, - Run a pilot transnational postgraduate course and professional educational and training courses for government officials and the industry on Integrated Water Resources Management.


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