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Building the city become citizen
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Building the city become citizen” offers three young people from Croatia, Armenia and Spain the opportunity to experience a long term service (10 months) in Chieti (central Italy) being engaged in a structured programme of youth information and communication activities with the local Centre of Volunteering Services (CSV), contributing to develop solidarity and foster intercultural learning.The project aims to stimulate the active participation of the young people in the territory of the Chieti province and to raise their awareness as European citizens, promoting the reflection on the contemporary European society, its culture(s) and values, throughout the implementation of a wide set of communication and non-formal education actvities that the three hosted volunteers will carry out, producing a positive impact on the local community: - mapping the cultural-historical heritage of the city of Chieti as well as its "social capital", represented by the civil society organsations that with their day-to-day committment have been keeping the city alive despite the hardships of the last years of financial-economical crisis;- organising intercultultural learning workshops and non formal education paths within the schools to encourage a wide number of young people to become active citizens, stimulating their active participation in civic life and raising their awareness on European citizenship;- producing multimedia and audivisual communication tools to promote volunteering as a instrument of active citizenship able to improve community’s life conditions;- delivering information on the European opportunities for the youth.The presence of volunteers from abroad will result to be a powerful mean to stimulate the active participation of the young people in the territory of Chieti. The volunteers from Croatia, Armenia and Spain will be involved in a wide range of communication and sensitizations activities as living example of European active citizenship, promoting intercultural dialogue and strenghtening the relationship between EU and neighbooring area. The project "Building the city become citizen – Culture and volunteering" will contribute to enhance the sense of European active citizenship, solidarity and interculturality, matching several Erasmus+ objectives and priorities for the strand "Youth".Particularly it:- contributes to improve the young people level of ability and key-skills; - promotes the participation of young people to democratic life in Europe;- stimulates young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, thus enhancing their employability and facilitating the inclusion in the labour market;- improves volunteer’s ability to plan and manage activities in order to achieve objectives both as individual and collaboratively in a team.



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