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Building Paths for EVS
Date du début: 22 août 2016, Date de fin: 21 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project “ Bulding Paths for EVS” is to establish and develop a long term sustainable partnership between EU and West Balkan organizations that are highly involved with European Volunteering Service (EVS). Beside this, the project has a strong desire to interest young people from the Netherlands and other EU program countries to participate as EVS voluteer in West Balkan (WB) countries or to be send as an EVS volunteer from a West Balkan country to an European country. The project "Bulding Paths for EVS" consists on two main activities: First step is to organize a study visit in The Netherlands with max 16 people from max 6 partners from the west Balkan: Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. The study visit will be organize to learn more about Dutch EVS organizations and how they organize themselves. Lenght of the visit is 4 days plus 2 day travelling. The study trip aims to foster the new partnerships between organizations from Balkan and The Netherlands and to explore concrete positive examples and experiences high quality EVS projects in The Netherlands. Objectives of the study visit are: to learn from the best practicies of Dutch organizations who are active in sending and hosting EVS, to explore and discover youth work and policy in the Netherlands, to explore the aims and objectives of the Erasmus plus program, and to place it in the context of EVS, to develop cooperation across Balkan and The Netherlands and enhance European networking, to share knowledge and experience of youth work within their own organizations. After the study visit we have the intention to organize a Contact Making Seminar (CMS) in Albania by bringing together the 14 partners that participated in the study visit plus 10 partners from Europe. One of the main golas of the CMS is to improve the quality of Erasmus+ projects through close cooperation with all the partners involved. This by sharing experiences, sharing practical examples and also the willingness and responsibility of all participants to achieve successful projects. Objectives of CMS in Albania are: to further develop the partnership between organizations from EU and Balkan, to increase the skills of the participants on improving EVS participation, to increase the EVS participation from EU to West Balkan and to make a concrete sustainable action plan for sending and hosting EVS after this project among the partners. The working method to achieve our aims is peer education. We strongly believe that learning from each other, sharing good and bad moments together will have effect in a positive atmosphere and can lead to mutual empowering of the participants. It will also promoting the balance and solidarity among the participants creating the common ground in which participants can work on.Taking part in “Building paths for EVS“ provide a direct impact on the participants: it provides knowledge about youth work and the practise of Erasmus+ projects, it develops a shared understanding of the theory and practice of youth work, Youth Pass and in EVS in specific and it generate a good working knowledge of the Youthpass and EU Erasmus+ Programme. Direct impact can be find after implementation of EVS: it will increase the self-confidence on the young users, it forested a better understanding of native culture, it develop team work and social skills, they will become an responsible European citizen countries and will be more tolerant with other cultures; and it provide the users with a Youth pass.Long term benefits can be find in establishing partnership and how to develop a successful initiative. Both activities will give the partners skills for use in their own organisations with their own target groups, therefore this will have a longer term more sustainable impact multiplied to groups in organisations across Europe as soon they will implement the new learned skills in their organizations. After this project, partner organizations are able to offer EVS projects at a higher quality level, with a greater understanding of the non-formal learning process and with the Do's and Don't of EVS. The partners will be more aware that it has to be involved youngsters in this process and as a result their target groups will learn more and generally benefit more from their own participation in activities. This will have an even greater longer-term effect – by offering better EVS projects, more youngsters will be attracted to do EVS and even more will benefit from the outcomes of this project.



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