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Building Europe-Africa's vision on sustainable volunteer's training
Date du début: 1 nov. 2010,

After the Euro-African project, " Culture meets concepts. How to match the expectations and improve communication between European and African sending and hosting organisations of IVS projects " that was coordinated by CCIVS and took place in 2009, Solidarités Jeunesses together with the partners of the project and with CCIVS support would like to propose a follow up project focusing on training and reinforcement of training skills both for European and African trainers.The project aims to improve the understanding of the' methods used by European and Africanorganisations in the preparation of the volunteers while building together a training for representatives ofEuropean and African organisations, who ar involved in project management and volunteers training, aswell as for volunteers who would like to participate in different projects in Africa. It also aims to improve theunderstanding for both sides on volunteers' motivation and project needs and achieve a better balancebetween personal and local development. ~The project will be monitoring by a steering committee including African and European organizations which will follow all the steps of the project and ensure its cohesion. It will include a training for trainers in Brussels which will gather youth workers and trainers from European and African organisations working to improve understanding on Euro-African context in voluntary service as well as acquire specific tools, methods and skills for preparing volunteers during pre-departure and on-arrival trainings in Europe and in Africa. During the second phase of the project which will include a pre-departure pilot training in France and two on-arrival pilot trainings in Africa - one in Lomé, Togo and one in Nairobi, Kenya, some of the African trainers will be involved in the organisation of the pre-departure training in Europe and will personally lead workshops during the training. On the other hand some European trainers will participate in the organisation and leading of the on-arrival trainings in Africa.During, the whole duration of the project a coordinator will be in charge to gather the outcomes of each phase and contribute to the preparation of a toolkit presenting best practices and methodsjn Europe-Africa trainings as well as in the preparation of volunteers. The toolkit will be finalised during the evaluation meeting of the project.The project will involve around 170 youth workers, organisations' representatives and young volunteers from African and European countries.We expect the project to concretely develop the skills of African and European trainers and improve the quality of volunteers' training and ultimately the quality of voluntary service projects between Europe and Africa. We also think that the project will contribute to a better understanding of both sides needs and ways of considering volunteering in Europe-Africa context.The results of the project will be shared with numerous voluntary service organisations in Europe and in Africa during national and international meetings and will be presented during specific conferences in all the countries involved in the project. The toolkit will be also be disseminate to different national and international organisations active in Euro-Africa exchanges and voluntary service projects.



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