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Building Capacities for Youth Participation across Borders
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Building Capacities for Youth Participation across Borders" is a project that will help to build a greater network between young people and the organizations they are volunteering in from 10 different countries from different regions in the world. The participants will be coming from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Malawi, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. During the project duration different activties will be implemented on local and on international level in order to build the capacities of the organizations and their communities for active youth participation. The chosen topic to work on with the young people invovled will be sustainable development and how they can make a difference for developoment in their own community using entrepreneurship and their own initiative. Also the project wants to support the validation and recognition of non-formal learning and education. Young people will be directly affected by this project through a youth exchange that will take place in Germany in fall 2016 and bring together 60 persons for two weeks. At the same time two EVS will be implemented in Germany as well. The youth workers and organisational managers will work with the young people throughout the project duration to ensure their local engagement. Therefore different activties will bring together these persons in charge in order to discuss the local dimension and develop new youth work methods that will train young people local but connect them globally at the same time with the help of the here established network of young people. The main focus of this project lies on the young people themselves and on their active participation. They will shape this project and they will develop the network further and help establishing its structures. Together they will work on European strategies for youth but also for global challenges as well as cooperation with different regions in the world. The outcomes of this project will be published in the form of a report. There will also be a video produced with the youngsters. The on going project will be monitored through a blog by the participants involved in the project and other multimedial tools available. After the project duration the results will be used further on the local level and the international level as well and the network will work out future projects together to ensure a sustainable and long term cooperation between the young people.



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