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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the project BUILDING BRIDGES IN SOUTH MORAVIA we would like to continue with the line of successful projects of hosting EVS volunteers in SVC Luzanky – and move it again a little bit further, based on the experience gained from cooperation with volunteers. In last year in separate project we started to cooperate as a coordinating organisation with Alliance Francaise Brno (AF Brno) and Siska, o.s., who now host their first EVS volunteers. Because the cooperation was successful, this year we include both organisations as partners in one big common project. In this sense we „build the bridges“ through EVS volunteers in between the organisations in Brno, but we would like to broaden our promotional activities about EVS into the whole region of South Moravia. We would like to newly offer the opportunity of introduction about EVS programme (including sharing of personal experience by a volunteer) also outside of Brno, in the centres which work with young people, at high schools etc. in South Moravia. In Brno we would like to strenghten promotion at Universities and newly also start and focus to promote EVS among young people with special needs. SVČ Lužánky has been EVS receiving and sending organization since 2006 and their presence is positively perceived and apreciated by our clients and partners also (Brno´s city parts local governments, coooperating organisations). Work of volunteers from abroad is based on work with youth and children through programs for schools, afterschool activities, clubs for unorganised youth and public events. Project BUILDING BRIDGES IN SOUTH MORAVIA will allow to six young peoplein the age between 22-27 from Georgia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Tunisia to be part of the team of SVC Luzanky. Ukrainian volunteer ( 23 years old ) will be assisting to the teachers of Šiška Forest Kindergarten. He will get known the practical management and running of the organization. He will be encouraged to implement his ideas and organize his own activities for children and the public. French volunteer (25 years old) will help employees of Alliance Francaise with regular activities and operations, update web pages, assist in cultural events ( taking photographs , installations and exhibitions, etc.). She will organize also her own activities. All 8 volunteers will stay with the EVS in Czech Republic 12 months from October 2015 to the end of September 2016. We believe that the contact which not only young people start with volunteers from abroad is broadening their horizons, strengthening the sense of belonging to European community, leading to intercultural understanding and contributing to the elimination of racism and xenophobia in the local community. In the meantime the presence of a young person from abroad is an example of mobility as a natural part of EU policy. The project BUILDING BRIDGES IN SOUTH MORAVIA will give eight volunteers opportunities for personal development and the acquisition of practical skills that will improve their chances in the labor market and the potential of their own initiative.



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