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Building Better Futures!
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Building Better Futures" proposed by Technological High School ”Ion Barbu” was crystallized in the need for change and differentiation, of the need to improve the transition process from education and training to the labour market of the pupils of this school, at the same time consolidating the European cooperation in the field of education and vocational training. Its objectives are: 1. The acquisition of key skills and experience in the field of professional training by the students of Technological High School ” Ion Barbu”, in order to enhance the capacity of professional insertion 2. Improving skills specific to general training of students participants already acquired in Romanian educational system to a level that will prepare them for further education and professional work in the hospitality industry, modern commerce 3. Improving communication skills in a foreign language and intercultural understanding's ability to use future opportunities offered by the EU to its citizens 4. Sustainable development of ECVET partnerships in order to facilitate geographical and occupational mobility and increase employability of young Europeans. The Group of participants consists of 54 students enrolled in Technological High School "Ion Barbu" direct route of the lower cycle, technological path, 10th grade of Services profile, fields of general basic training: -Economics-Trade, the qualification of Tech. in economic activities and Tech. in administration (18 students) level 4 - Tourism and Food-tourism, the qualification of Technician in tourism (18 students) level 4 - Tourism and Food –food , the qualification of Technician in gastronomy (18 students) level 4 who will make practical training internships lasting 3 weeks in Portugal. Partners are companies, Sabor Mineiro Restaurant, Sana Hotel and Pingo Doce Supermarket which provides training in the workplace and school consortium of Agrupamento Escolas of Alcochete-AEA, which has a strong VET component represented by the Escola Secundaria of Alcochete and which is competent institution for ECVET coordonates and supervises the practiceof students in the three companies and provides support for integration into the new environment. We mention that 65% of them belong to the category of students at high risk of dropping out, come from rural areas, low-income families less than the average on country or minorities (gipsies). The project has a duration of 1 year and will be organized in this range 3 flows of 18 mobilities/ stages, as follows: 29. II.-18.III' 16-flow I (19 days): 18 students, 10th grade, general basic domain Tourism (6) + Commerce (6) +Food (6) for 90 h placement in PT+ 2 attendants 28. III-15 IV ' 16-flow II (21 days): 18 students, 10th grade, general basic domain Tourism (6) + Commerce (6) + Food (6) for 90h placement in PT+ 2 attendants. 13. VI-01.VII ' 16-flow III (21 days): 18 students, 10th grade, general basic domain Tourism (6) + Commerce (6) + Food (6) for 90h placement in PT+ 2 attendants. The companions are teachers of the school which will deal with the guidance and supervision of the students.International placements are part of the compulsory training of students and will help students by the approached theme to develop competencies in the framework of key competences units from SPP "transition from school to work" UC9 and "teamwork" UC6 (as thecurriculum requires) with knowledge, skills and competences ,specific competencies in the workplace, which will be assessed in an educational system different by the Romanian one,transferred and recognized, included in the qualification at home, all under the umbrella of transnational ECVET partnerships concluded by the applicant and partners in Portugal on a duration of 3 years and formalized through MoU. Expected results: 54 well professionally trained students in an international environment, sustainable transnational partnerships, extended international cooperation will contribute to achieving objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy on education: reducing the dropout rate, decreasing unemployment rate among young people.



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