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Building a bridge for a successful career
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Tourism and catering, hairdressing and administration technicians enjoy great interest both locally and nationally and internationally - jobs chef, waiter, salesman in units of food, pastry,hairdresser, barber, cosmetician and work in economic activities are required in European Union countries. The project entitled "Building a bridge for a Successful Career" answers the need for qualified personnel in the field of Tourism and catering, hairdressing and economic activities in the Romanian and EU market and improves the quality of future services provided by technicians in the field. The internship training will take place from march-april 2016 in cafeterias and restaurants in the city of Leipzig, Germany and Bologna, Italy two countries with developed tourism potential, recognized for the quality of tourism services. In this project will be involved specialist teachers and 84 students, girls and boys aged between 16 and 18 years with professional training in the field of Tourism and catering, hairdressing and economic activities from Technical College "Ion Holban". Participant selection will be made by a school competition by testing language skills and professional competencies. The students selected will go through language training modules, educational and cultural. The placement of the 84 students will be validated by providing certificates that certify the knowledge and skills gained from the internship. Beneficiaries will gain competencies that will be used for practical exercises on their return to the country and the concrete results of project participation , the certificates will be an asset in increasing the chances of labor market integration. Student participation on abroad training placements will provide an opportunity to meet a modern workplace, understand the importance of teamwork and the technological flow in culinary production units, prepare the necessary raw materials, to carry out operations of preparation, techniques of achieving culinary products on demand, decoration, storage and preservation,hairstyles and haircuts ,to realize modern hair treatment operations, specific economic activities of lower cycle and technical services to provide high quality services and ensure communication skills in English. The project activities will help develop a relationship between the parties in order to transfer best practice and quality assurance in initial vocational training. The project aims to engage the three partners in the two communities in multinational cooperation activities with the desire to know each other, focusing on elements complementing the professional training of young people at European standards and empowering them to assume responsibilities that will be a real support for integration labor market. To the same extent will be given importance to the sharing of ideas and opinions of the students in the two countries for a better understanding of the culture and traditions. The partnership aims to support participants in professional training activities in order to build knowledge, develop skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market. The activities will support improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and training, promote creativity, competitiveness, employability and the growth of entrepreneurship, promote cooperation to ensure quality in all sectors of education and training. This project is an incentive for our institution for both public school students as well as for those in special education to learn better that in the future to be selected in the target group of such projects, and will contribute at the regional level to increase the prestige of our school, increasing the number of students wishing to follow the Technical College "Ion Holban".



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