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Build. Net. Work.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international project „Build. Net Work.“ is a networking project of eight organisations in the field of youth work coming from different European countries and Russia. The aim is to promote and develop competences and resources within each partner organization in order to be able to focus the challenges of international youth work. There will be six project meetings dealing with different crucial questions of International youth work and giving the place to share and reflect experiences and to develop strategies to implement international youth work in the own institution as a vivit and visible profile. The project will offer support to learn from each other and to be aware of needs and conditions. The organizations will prepare individual development plans in order to work sustainably in international youth work. Besides the discussion about funds, target groups and recognition of the field the organizations will work on educational contents. In two project meetings, which the applications is for, the network will focus the topics of memory and peace education and the promotion of a diversity consciousness. The network will practice innovative concepts and methods for both topics and work on an adoption for future youth encounters. In order to develop competences in all organizations the network will carry out a training program about non-formal education. The partners will have the opportunity to send two participants for the training in order to widen the group of skilled trainers. The work on contents, methods and strategies for a sustainable international youth work as well as the training tools will be documented on a public platform in the internet. The results will be also composed in a manual. Both products will be shared with stakeholders and the public. Each product will be coordinated by one partner organisation while all partners will contribute. The project meetings will guarantee a monitoring process of making the products. The network will put an effort on the usefulness of all developed methods and concepts as well as on the dissemination of all products to local and international partners and the sustainability of the whole network.



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