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Budujemy dom samowystarczalny energetycznie!
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “We are constructing an energetically self-sufficient house “ - is the effect of the cooperation between the teachers from Zespol szkol Energetycznych, the teachers from EEPP SAFA Nuestra Senora de los Reyes from Sevilla and the support from euroMindProject. The main aim of this project is to improve the system of basic educational and technical training on the level of secondary school and at the same time adapting this system to the requirements of a job market. The other aim is to look for new forms of vocational training for students, which will make it more attractive and will make students more aware of flexibility at a job market . These forms should allow students, studying different jobs, to have common thematically integrated apprenticeship. During the 11 days of the project , students will have 50 hours to design , construct and fix an energetically self-sufficient house. The vocational training will give beneficiaries the basic skills in designing and installing the solar systems. They will get the knowledge connected with designing , making calculations and assembly of photovoltaic installations, thermal solar installations , sprinkler irrigation solar pumps installations as well as designing the system of remote management of the network of above devices. The project is planned to be fulfilled for two groups of 16 people each. The first group , according to the schedule, is going to leave on January 2016, the second one on September 2016. Our students are trained for 4 years in the technical vocational school in the following professions : technician electrician, technician electronics, technician energetics and technician IT specialist. The trips will be organized in mixed groups : both genders, different subject of studying, different places of living (the beneficiaries live both in a village and in a city). The elements connecting each group is the good knowledge of English and the will of getting higher qualifications and new vocational experience. This vocational apprenticeship in Spain will be for all beneficiaries their first ever apprenticeship abroad. In this project, will also participate 8 teachers of vocational subjects, who work in Zespol Szkol Energetycznych. They will spend 5 days in Spain, in the school SAFA, where they will have a chance to know some methods of teaching vocational subjects, some rules of cooperating with companies. They will take part in the 30-hour training about the newest methods of producing renewable energy. The teachers will share their experience with others through giving a lecture about a mobile application needed to remote management of a house. The beneficiaries of the project – the students of second, third and fourth classes will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria: 1.The knowledge of English necessary to communicate. 2.The good knowledge of technical topics confirmed by the high school marks of vocational subjects. 3.High personal culture, the ability to cooperate in a group and a strong motivation to broaden the knowledge and vocational skills. 4. The beneficiaries’ self-reliance and efficiency. 5. Social engagement, for example in school matters or the environment protection. 6. Preferably students coming from low status families, living in towns. The teachers, two of each subject, will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria: - the knowledge of English checked at the interview. Among the expected results of the projects, the most important are: - getting the knowledge and practice connected with designing and installing solar systems, - the increase of students’ awareness of the benefits of learning languages, - the ability to cooperate in the international society, - the awareness of being ready to increase occupational mobility, - the increase of students’ motivation to personal and vocational development, - making the school offers more attractive by including the foreign apprenticeship, - the increase of interests in looking for new forms of vocational apprenticeship among the teachers teaching vocational subjects, -the increase of teachers’ experience and the will of sharing it with international partners, -creating the website helpful in teaching and learning.



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