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Brückenschlag: Medien
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Building Bridges: media" is an international inclusive youth meeting which is aimed towards a diversity aware approach. The participants of the meeting are young people from Germany, Poland, Check Republic and Lithuania - partially they are young people with less chances, with different cultural backgrounds, of different age, different gender, different economical conditions, with disabilities and without them. The topic of media and how to deal with them is in the focus of the meeting. There should appear a common critical vision on the non-reflecting dealing with media and a passive consumption of them. During the meeting there will be different workshops which will enlighten the topic of media from different sides. The participants can choose the most interesting workshops themselves and thus create their own program together. Along with the workshop there will be offered a varied program of sport, common free time and plays. The projects pursues its aims on different levels: the inclusive character of the project should be an approach for disadvantaged young people to be able to take part in non-formal educational offers and in an international meeting. The diversity conscious approach makes its contribution in the way that young people meet the people in the project whom they can seldom meet in their lives. During the project they get a chance to discuss with each other and to develop new perspectives. In such a way this natural approach to each other has an effect of empowerment and still has an influence even after the meeting. With a major focus on the topic of media, some additional educational aims are present. The topic is common for all the young people regardless where they come from, what they do or who they are. Media are present in their all life worlds and they demand from the educational sector to sensitise young people for a reflective approach to media. This is also an important project aim of the inclusive youth meeting Brückenschlag: Media which will take part from 29.11.2015 to 5.12.2015 in the International Youth Meeting Center Kreisau.



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