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Bringing together European learners and staff in practical training and education
Date du début: 31 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SDE College wants to develop its existing efforts in international mobility and put forth an extensive and thorough framework for international mobility.Europe will in the coming years face challenges like demographic change, higher unemployment, skill gaps, a need for a higher skill level, less and less traditional training, problems with retention of students, youth unemployment and a lack of apprenticeships.Therefore SDE College wants to build for the future and ensure that we will continue to offer vocational education and training of the highest quality. SDE College considers international mobility as an element in the solutions to these challenges of the future.Objectives of the project:• Students acquire international experience and related skills for working internationally• Students acquire new knowledge in form of new practices• Students develop linguistic and intercultural competences• Students increase their self-esteem and confidence in own capabilities• Provide students with a framework for successful internships abroad• lmprove student's chances of future employment• lmprove students' opportunities to travel and work within the European labor market• Develop teachers and ether employees' international expertise• Provide teachers with international teaching possibilities and improve their qualifications• lmprove the overall quality of VET• Implementation of the European Credit System for VET (ECVET) in the context of mobility as part of the student's education.The number of student mobilities in the project are 77 and the number of staff are 20. The project involves partners from Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Malta, France and the Netherlands. The partners are vocational schools, vocational training centers, interest groups and SME's,The project is managed by the Center of practical training at SDE College consisting of a head of department and a mobility coordinator. The center works very close together with the pedagogical departments when the student is being taught. Contact with foreign partners and the placements abroad is carried out primarily by the Mobility Coordinator and secondary by a relevant number of contact teachers and students themselves.SDE College will use the attained results to promote and to anchor the initiative further in dissemination efforts using local media, social media and the school's media outlets.SDE College will lay a strategic focus on improving the preparation and evaluation process for both learners and staff to guarantee the quality of the mobility projects. With a pedagogical strategy, we want to ensure that the competencies, the participants gained during their stay abroad, are reflected upon and applied in the further education. One of the great benefits for the participants in the mobility project, is expected to be an enhancement of their future job prospects with improved language abilities, cultural understanding and personal development.SDE College strive to build and maintain a vast international network to provide the best foundation and mobility program that will enable our students and our staff to have the best experience possible when going abroad.SDE College expects that the strong ties to its international network will create an outlooking perspective towards the world and a strong international profile. We believe that international cooperation and international mobility are some of the crucial factors in developing vocational education scholls for the future and embrace the demands of the constant evolving labor market.NOTICE: Due to limited attachment space only one letter of intent is attached. SDE has letter of lntent with all partners involved in this application including Memorandum of Understanding with several partners as well.



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