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Bringing the EU closer to Northern Jutland and Northern Jutland closer to the EU.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Northern Jutland is situated in the periphery of Denmark. The European Union (EU) has an central role to play regarding the development of the region, but from a Northern Jutlander’s point of view, the EU is often distant, hard to understand and thus hard to see as an opportunity. We intend to change this.This proposal has been created in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders (employers, employees, business associations, grammar school teachers, and local authorities), and is anchored at Aalborg University (AAU).Outputs, results:6 Series of public talks (‘Northern Jutland meets the EU’) addressing central questions (general public, teachers and other societal groups).3 ‘North-Jutland and the EU Seminars’ on chosen topics (prof. groups, public administrators, civil society representatives, general public). Both will be supported by a website.Coordination and development of both research and teaching at AAU on a permanent basis, benefitting from our interdisciplinary and problem-based approach.3 workshops: the nature of the EU; the EMU after the crisis; gender equality and judicialization; issues where we have the potential to excel. Output: anthologies or articles, permanent cooperation and coordination of research activities on European affairs, and substantial contributions to the discipline.For students: series of seminars (5 per semester in 6 semesters) with high-profile lectures on five central overall topics.A new mandatory module on EU-Policy Analysis for the study programs ‘Politics & Administration’ and ‘Political Science’ to strengthen teaching on the EU for coming civil servants and grammar school teachers. Impact:- A higher awareness of the EU and its possibilities for the general public, local authorities, and business community in Northern Jutland- Better, more visible EU education at Aalborg University- Strong impact on the academic discipline of European Studies- Begin a process leading to a North Jutland EU-vision