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Bridging the Entrepreneurial Gap: Transforming European ICT Research into Investment Opportunities (ICT2B)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This ICT2B proposal aims to develop bridges and bring together ICT researchers and entrepreneurial minded individuals with different backgrounds and from many European countries. As a consequence, it will promote the creation of entrepreneurial and innovative ICT start-ups that exploit products and services developed from EU funded ICT R&D projects. The ICT industry in Europe accounts for c.4% of the total EU GDP and is a growing sector; yet despite the comparatively high level of ICT research funded by the European research the level of commercialisation as well as the European private investments in ICT start-ups remain low.The vision of the ICT2B project is to create a long-lasting mechanism, in the form of an annual double event that will facilitate the commercial exploitation of European-funded ICT research project outcomes leading to the creation of European high tech start-ups. The project will target young ICT researchers in EU funded projects and partner them with graduate business students with to promote interaction between the two groups and eventually the creation of more innovative international entrepreneurial start-ups based on high-technology research intensive ICT products and services.It is the intention of this support action, which builds, e.g. on the network of the EIT ICT Labs and on the exisiting web platform WebGenesis (owned by Fraunhofer), to provide a model for increasing the commercialization of ICT research with high growth potential and promote the development of entrepreneurial and enterprising awareness and skills among those participating ICT researchers.



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