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Bridging Mobility Gaps: Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access (ICMA)
Date du début: 31 juil. 2007, Date de fin: 13 juin 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A common priority for municipalities and transport authorities in NWE is to support each link in the mobility chain so that there is an effective alternative to the private car. This has to include how the first and last miles of journeys are completed. These are often critical links and ones that determine modal choice. This projects challenge is: How do we bridge mobility gaps so people can effectively start and complete journeys when and where they want to? The project aims to significantly affect modal choice at the beginning and end of a journey. so reducing the environmental footprint of transport. It also aims to provide accessible solutions where and when they are needed. fostering equitable and socially inclusive transport for all. We want to see more sustainable and competitive transport provision on the first and last miles. which meets citizens expectations in NWE. We want to develop and test the next generation of responses that will help to bridge these mobility gaps This will be achieved by: 1 Extending the reach of services and the connectivity of poorly connected places and target groups. 2 Improving the accessibility of the mobility offer. including the full range of specific customer demands. This will involve the delivery of more flexible and demand-responsive transport services. All travel options (including walking and cycling) as well as their inter-modal connections will be considered. The project will tackle the technical. economical and social challenges related to delivering such services and explore transnational and replicable responses through an integrated joint approach. This includes ICT solutions to aid mobility. as well as cost and pricing issues. journey planning. travel training and tangible connectivity and accessibility improvements. The transnational response will be delivered through a joint competence hub able offer practical advice. training and guidance in relation to these areas of mutual concern and development. Achievements: The ICMA Final Conference Event: "Pursuing Perfect Journeys" took place in Genk, 13-14th March 2012 and was hosted by the City of Genk and OCMW Genk at the impressive "C-Mine" Conference Centre. For the last three years the ICMA consortium has been implementing various door-to-door mobility solutions, in order to ensure seamless mobility for different target groups. The final event aimed at synthesizing the results of the project as well as exploring the opportunities for transferring the implemented pilot actions to other North-West European cities. Outputs and deliverables of this project are available under:



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