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Bridge to Peace buliding and support youth Development
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This EVS project "Bridge to Peace buliding and support youth Development" will take place in Gori, Georgia and will involve one Lithuanian volunteer, who will work with the NGO Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi for 10 months. The mission of the Friendship Bridge Kartlosi is to promote sustainable development of local communities in the conflict resolution process and contribute to the dialogue between the Georgian and Ossetian communities development. In their work they try to contribute to the local civil society, to help their professional development and enhance the capacity of youth involvement in local life. The volunteer's objectives are to: - Conduct research into conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction and peace building in Georgia and the town of Gori in particular, in the context of the conflict in South Ossetia; - Produce analytical reports on these topics that will provide knowledge of the benefit to the local community, civil society and other parties such as academics and researchers, in Georgia and internationally; - Disseminate the findings of the research in such a way that will help Kartlosi develop its local, regional and international networks and partnerships and facilitate their work in peace building and social development in the local community, and to promote and enhance understanding of peace building and conflict resolution. Reports and articles will be published as a blog on Kartlosi's website. - Helping with the implementation of current projects and planning and implementing new projects; fund-raising activities such as international applications and marketing activities; - Development of Kartlosi’s internet environment/web presence, including an online news portal, training for web content management and online journalism (such as writing feature stories and articles for a blog). The project aims to provide opportunities for local people, especially youth, to have the chance to improve their practical English language skills. The volunteers' follow up on the project through providing advice and guidance to other potential EVS participants, will help to promote EVS to a larger audience. The volunteer will be an integral part of the work carried our by Kartlosi in promoting knowledge of post-conflict reconstruction and empowering the local youth. The volunteer will also gain cultural awareness and linguistic skills through her participation in local youth initiatives. The reports and articles the volunteer will be working on will be posted on both Kartlosi's own website and APC's website and online portals to provide exposure in Georgia and Lithuania. In order to show the work, being carried out by the volunteer and as a way for the volunteer to share her EVS experiences. This will then act to promote the work of the NGO's and the volunteer.



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