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Bridge between environment and industry designed by membrane technology (MemBridge)
Date du début: 1 mai 2009, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Membranes are nano-/micro-porous multifunctional materials the main property of which is permselectivity regarding to different ionic and molecular species. This property results in a great number of applications in processes of aqueous and gaseous mixture separation. The small material and energy consumption and high eco-efficiency of separation by membranes determine strategic role of membrane processes as technologies making a bridge between industry and environment. The main objective of the proposal is to make a step towards reaching an effective integration of research activities, training, equipment sharing, and thus answer the needs for a coordinated membrane science and technology R&D in Europe and Russia oriented primarily at development of eco-efficient methods in industry. This objective replies to one of most important priorities of FP7: Elaboration of concepts aimed at sustainable development, and societal innovation. This objective will be attained by rapprochement of two membrane networks: Network of Excellence NanoMemPro in Europe and Russian Membrane Network being in the way of formation. The project foresees the organisation of two meetings of 25 representatives of European institutions belonging to NanoMemPro and of the equivalent number of Russian and NIS scientists. The basis for a European-Russian Membrane Science and Innovation Technology Platform will be founded as well. As a result of the project, a well structured programme/concept of scientific collaboration and diverse actions (in the field of researches, training, equipment sharing, person mobility, technological innovation) for the next several years will be elaborated. The proposed project should prepare grounds for further larger and amplified actions between European and Russian membrane networks following the axe of environmental protection, in the framework of FP7 and other international and regional programmes.



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