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BRI BRI-Bricks of Volunteering to Bridge Good Practices
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We were able to realize the project on the planned dates, 21-25 October 2014, although the confirmation arrived quite late, agreement signed late and the money transferred later than expected. Our project aimed to exchange information and to share experience and good practices among the youth workers dealing with youth projects. We have hosted 34 participants in total, 10 form program countries and 24 from partner countries. This variety of participants was a big input for the project as we had a chance to learn about different problems occurring in different countries and cultures and tried to find common solutions through the workshops organized by using non-formal education methods. Participants were either staff and board members or active volunteers of the sending organizations. 2 of the planned partners declared no show then we have replaced them with 2 new partners. The new comers were from the same distance zone, thus our budget was not negatively effected. Gençlik Turizmi Dernegi - GENCTUR was responsible for the coordination and hosting of the project. Suplying and following the application to Turkish National Agency, informing the partner organisation and the participants, supporting the sending partners for selecting the participants, joining in the Project Execution Group's preparation works, preparing the info sheets, supporting the participants in terms of travel and visa issues, realization of overall project was GENÇTUR's responsibilities. All participants were satisfied with the results and outcomes of the discussions, working groups, presentations, role plays and workshops. This proves the success of planning, implementing of the project in total.The activity has been directed by the Project Execution Group formed by the volunteer participants who were selected by the project partners.



28 Participants partenaires