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Brez povratka - kako naprej? / No return - the way forward?
Date du début: 2 juin 2016, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Immigration flows in today's Europe are bringing the challenges that the young generation will inevitably face both in private life and in the professional work environment. Through non-formal education we want to provide knowledge and tools to young people and youth workers to be able to identify potentially critical situations and to react appropriately to them.Training of No return - the way forward? will bring together 24 young people from 8 different countries for 7 days, whre they will first gain an overview of economic and global causes and consequences of migration and at the same time they will acquire the socio-psychological knowledge, which will affect their thinking and interactions in future contacts with ethnically different individuals. Through lectures, workshops and field work, they will draw on expertise from the reference leaders, scholars and youth leaders. Through non-formal methods of education, participants will gain skills which will enable then to make room for diversity in their private lives, professional working environment and consequently actively moving towards a more open society, which is a necessary and at the same time the only way in a globalized Europe full of migrations.We will expand the meaning of European citizenship, active political participation and intercultural dialogue, which is crucial for the successful senzilibation of society in resolving the refugee issue. The theme is extremely difficult and time-consuming process will be required for the successful integration of refugees into European society. Hard topic and task will be also to achieve reconciliation, support and solidarity of the European population, which lives in his safe bubble and consumerism since 1945, and this is just one of the reasons to lost understanding and solidarity to the victims.All leaders will acquire at the end of the course a certificate of non-formal education, a Youthpass.

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