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Breaking Waves
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project 'Breaking Waves' introduced youth exchanges to NEW young people, promoting social inclusion and tolerance, The project has inspired young people to become more involved with mobility project and it helped develop their skill set for the labor market. The exchange exposed young people to new cultures and environments while deepening an understanding of their own. The youth exchange gave young people the opportunity t work on partnerships which will support them in the future both at a local and European level. Our multi-lateral exchange developed the mobility of young people, enhancing and developing their knowledge of Europe and other cultures, It opened the minds of all the young people involved and it is felt that they have a great respect for non-formal practices being used as a tool for solidarity, respect and friendship. The exchange supported all young people from all countries to take initiative and to proudly share their culture, This built up the levels of self esteem of all participants and deepened their feelings of self worth. The young people through non-formal methods were educated about cultures, art, music , new ideas were developed together in a learn by doing and participating . Breaking waves highlighted the competencies through all activities and encouraged the young people to be aware of their own learning for their youth pass certificate. All partners in the project were competent in working with young people with fewer opportunities, all with similar objectives. Our project together with the partners supported young people to develop their skills, knowledge and competence to become more active citizens, this was done thhrough challenging to take on roles with gave them responsibility, exposed them to success and allowed them to make mistakes which they could learn from. The exchange provided equal opportunities for all regardless of social class, status, race or religion. The exchange focused on creativity and culture, health and well being and ensured access for disadvantaged young people All participants were young people with fewer opportunities ranging in age from 14-18 and were linked into a youth organisation either through support services or in a group setting. Some of the young people avail of or have availed of counselling services. The young people involved in the exchange all faced situations which made their participation more difficult such as cultural and educational differences social and economic obstacles and some suffer with health problems both physical and mental. Through the activities the young people developed their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through working together as a team and delivering different activities and workshops throughout the exchange. the young people also developed their mathematical competence through problem solving, they were encouraged to use technology as part of tasks and had to take ownership of this. Throughout Breaking Waves the young people looked at their own creative expression and how they feel they are viewed by others and vice versa. This was challenging particularly for the younger members of the group. They all communicated in English primarily for the exchange however communication in a foreign language was also explored through native games and verse. Non verbal communication was also a key factor in some of the workshops and this encouraged the young people to look at heir non verbal communication methods at a real level.



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