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Break the myth - Spread the word
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the era of Millennials, when youngsters spend more and more time online, the need has arisen to move some of the youth work practices to the virtual world. Online space provides a great opportunity for youth workers to affect young people’s lives and habits and reach high number of them without limitation to a specific geographic region or time frame. However, these campaigns need to be youth-appealing and stand out from a huge amount of information young people are overwhelmed with, in order to be effective and reach the planned goals. In the time when youngsters are more and more comfortable on the web, overwhelmed by huge amounts of information and carefully choosing and filtering the information they pay attention to, youth workers need additional support and space for developing skills in order to reach out to the youngsters online in the most effective manner. Online campaigns can be a very useful tool for youth work practices, but only if conducted in a quality and youth appealing manner. This is where youth workers need additional support, to develop and improve their competences (IT skills, but also behavioural knowledge) in order to create programmes and campaigns that will be digitally-youth-friendly and have the desired impact on the target group. There are two extremely important main goals to meet when online campaigning: 1. Be visible and stand out from a huge amount of information and 2. Have the desired effect on the target group (whether it is delivering information, a change of perspective, move to action etc.). Peer-to-peer online campaigns have a great potential, since it is the youngsters who know best what the current trends are on the web and especially on social networks, and can predict very easily the reaction that a current action or content can cause on the web. During the project implementation, youth workers will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on online campaigning, and also develop skills and competences in this area. They will be able to work on creation of their own methods during the TC, and they will have the opportunity to try out and furtherly develop those methods during three youth exchanges. Furthermore, participants of the youth exchanges will start and implement three European level campaigns after the exchange. This way, planned activities will give youth workers and youngsters the opportunity to practically try out their new knowledge, use and test the newly adopted skills and measure the results they had on the target groups in comparison to the expected results. One of the crucial outputs of the project will be the Recommendations (Online campaign as a tool in youth work) the project team will develop and publish at the end of the project implementation. Recommendations will be made public and available for all the interested individuals, organisations and entities who wish to implement project or programmes using online campaigning as a tool.



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