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Braveheart - Leadership skills for youth workers
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Braveheart – Leadership skills for youth workers” is multiphase international leadership training for youth workers. The project consists of three main activities. There will be 24 youth workers from 6 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain) and 9 organizations.At the end of the training, participants (youth leaders) will be able to lead, motivate and develop competences of the youth they work with and also of the members of their organizations. They will consciously plan, realize and evaluate projects and youth activities, which they organize in their organizations. They will be able to reflect their learning to learn competence; and support and develop it within the participants of their projects.We set the following goals for the project:1. Participants will get space and impulses to deepen the skills of self-reflection and self-knowledge in the fields:- Communication and cooperation in demanding situations- Leadership- Personal values and motivation for youth work2. Participant will assess their own leadership potential and develop their competences in the fields:- Supporting and developing of inner motivation and proactivity od participants- Facilitating the group process and group work- Constructive communication (communicate clearly and comprehensibly, giving and receiving feedback)3. Participants are able to plan and reflect their learning process on the level of competences and are able to support this process while working with youth (learning to learn competence)This project focuses on developing leadership skills and abilities. In the first phase, youth workers will map them, based on experiential programs and activities. Consequently, they will plan, which areas they want to focus on and develop. This will be the mission for the next phases of the project, especially in practice (in their organizations and during activities A2 and A3, where they receive direct feedback on their leadership skills). The project develops competences of youth workers and simultaneously supports competences necessary for developing key competences within youth (setting goals of the learning, reflecting the experience, thinking in the language of competences). The main method used within the project is the experiential learning enriched by the principles and methods of informal learning. We base this project on the Kolb´s model learning. The participants will go through the following phases:Participant experience --> participant reflection --> expert/methodical review + theoretical insight --> training and feedback --> preparation, realization and evaluation of own project --> reflection of own project and learning process.



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