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Branding for Youth Work and Youth Organisations
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

What is youth work? Go out on the street and ask this question to people! Not many will know how to answer; they will look at you like you are a weirdo. Ask parents if they know what the role of a youth worker is in the development stages of an adolescent. Well, unfortunately youth work and the youth worker job are very little known and acknowledged for the importance they have. Currently, in Europe there is a need to raise public awareness on the importance of youth work and non-formal education and to attract more youngsters to voluntary activities. In most of the countries, these areas are managed by youth organizations. These NGOs put most of their energy and resources in their actions and invest little resources in building a brand. Locally, in Romania this need emerges even more as the quality of formal education decreases and receives the lowest percentage from the state budget compared to all the other EU states. That’s why we need to overcompensate with more nonformal education. Apart from more quality work in the field of youth and more youth workers, the youth NGO sector needs more awareness. Having in mind the need that youth work, volunteerism and nonformal education need to grow up their image, we have created this training course. The general aim of the project was to empower NGO managers, youth workers and NGO staff in order to create visibility for their organization, for their ideas and project, to raise awareness in their community regarding their actions. Through this project we reached the next objectives: 1. Offer specific competences and enabled participants to build a strong brand image and communication strategy for their organization. 2. Explored the ways in which non-formal education and voluntary activities can be better promoted in participants communities and increase awareness on their value in order to attract more youth to them and receive support from stakeholders outside NGO environment. 3. Created strategies to raise awareness and understanding of the general public on what youth work is and the role of youth worker in the development process of youngsters. The project involved 23 participants, active members in youth organisations coming from 7 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Turkey. The project programme was based on nonformal education principles. The activities used a variety of creative methods that challenged participants into developing their skills in the field of branding. Some of the topics approached in the training are: What is a brand? How to create a branding strategy? Social media done the professional way, PR and journalistic materials. Apart from these, the participants used their creative skills to research on the most important aspects related to the three main topics connected with their work in the organisation: youth work, volunteering and nonformal education. The impact was increasing participant’s skills and motivating them to be more involved and even more enthusiastic about the job they do in their youth organisations. They went back home having in their hands concrete methods and instruments to be used in the process of promoting their NGO activities. On a long term, the impact of better promoting youth work and raising awareness of it translates in a better recognition of youth work importance.



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