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Bräuche und Traditionen
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Customs and Traditions originated thanks to the interest of the participating countries to learn more about their neighbors in Europe. We chose German as the language of the communication because we want to support our students in learning German language and motivate them to continue for the further learning. We would like to find out what makes us same and what makes us different. On our project meetings we will discuss the most important holidays of all European countries which cooperate in the project especially Easter and Christmas. We would like to order Christmas and Easter workshops. We will exchange the recipes of traditional dishes. Students will become familiar with the other European countries which take part in the project. Together we will create an international cookbook, a dictionary in 4 -languages and a calendar. We will investigate the regional customs and we will use the information in PowerPoint presentations and record the video. The results of our work will be published on the internet. The project involved four schools. The coordinator is ... Partner schools are ... At the beginning of the project we have developed a plan. There is a frame of time activities. The project will contribute 108 people, including 12 teachers and 96 pupils. At the first project meeting, we will advance to exact timetable of our activities. We will cooperate through the emails, mobiles or Facebook. The coordinator will inform the partners about results of our project. We intend to motivate our students to learn the German language, at the same time we also want to awaken pupils' interest in regional customs and traditions. We intend to achieve a greater tolerance towards the other cultures.



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