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Both Listen to our Souls & Sharpen Our Minds!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Research has shown that all human beings are born with great potential. Education from a very early age must be a flexible tool and an on going process to nurture, develop and support strengths, talents and skills, while at the same time being a system where individuals can satisfy their natural curiosity and hunger for learning and explore themselves further. Gardner's multiple intelligences provides us with the theoretical background and framework in order to plan, design and implement a holistic approach to delivering a broad balanced curriculum. The objectives of our B.L.O.S.S.O.M. project addresses the EU education target of early school leavers, creating high quality learning opportunities and strengthening quality through mobility and cross - border cooperation. The activities are very carefully selected according to the S.M.A.R.T. criteria to address each individual's potential and instill a thirst for life long learning. They are grouped under Gardner's 8 multiple intelligences making sure that throughout the 36 month period pupils will have the opportunity to immerse deeply into each one of them equally, thus allowing the development of the whole individual and the stimulation of both sides of the brain (creative and logical) simultaneously. Tasks include writing workshops, "readathons", illustrating, interviews, debates, storytelling, visit to the local library and printing press, conducting of scientific experiments, using the four rules in mathematics creatively, organizing a science fair, working with scientists, collecting data, playing outdoor games, creating music, international choir, planting and gardening, visit to botanical gardens, recycling, humanitarian work, managing finance, working with emotions and feelings, visit to the Art Museum, art workshops, living outdoors during an international camp, movie making, use of digital competences and self evaluation activities, and communicating through the e twinning platform. These tasks are designed in order to facilitate differentiated learning, working individually, in groups, cross culturally with access to different stakeholders, with planned visits to motivate and nurture an eagerness to develop further learning. The participant organisations cover a wide geographical area which is an add-on value in terms of cultural diversity and representation within Europe. The group consists of 7 schools and 6 different countries and is a mixture of small rural and large urban units from socioeconomic deprived areas facing new challenges with unemployment and immigration. The estimated number of people who will directly and indirectly benefit from this partnerships will be in the thousands. We have a very clear structured achievable timetable of tasks to be carried out. Each term of this three year period will be dedicated to a different kind of intelligence (according to Gardner's categorization). The specific intelligence chosen will be thoroughly explored and pupils will work on several different activities which promote it and at the same time integrate all the other intelligences so as to achieve a holistic approach of the multiple intelligences theory. This well organized educational process will lead our schools to tangible and intangible results. Our tangible results include an international book of short stories, an international musical cd, an international Erasmus+ banner, scrapbooks, power point presentations, e book with science experiments, a dvd of outdoor games, a library of mood music, performances and concerts, an international theatrical play, a movie about nature, bazaars and charity events, garden produce and reflective journals. During this period of project work, all stakeholders will increase their cultural awareness and become partakers of an extended, borderless educational community which interacts cross culturally. People are empowered by other people and we become our best selves through unselfish interaction with others. In this framework, all participants will have the opportunity to get involved in high quality life long learning since the aim is to guide all members smoothly and effectively to learning autonomy for life. Transnational cooperation will help our schools to establish their very important role in the process of the development of the whole area, their region and their country. This innovative idea we will be working on does not aim at offering stakeholders additional knowledge and information but aspires to become a life changing experience. Human beings are genetically programmed to learn and it is this very mechanism of learning that we will try to decode, activate and use at its best potential throughout our project. The knowledge and experience gained through this process will create a generation of well qualified and highly motivated workforce, self confident and emotionally intelligent parents, sensitive and responsible European citizens.



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