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Borderless Young Artists
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Erasmus+ traject "Borderless young artists" is a mix of bringing international partner organisations on the one hand, and youngsters from different countries on the other hand together. An organisation as De Centrale will be enriched by this project, to work with youngsters and to extend its existing networks and even create new ones. The project wants to launch and establish an exchange project in which the international network of young talented artists from Belgium, Morocco and Turkey will have an extra dimension. Een exchange of a young group of dancers and musicians on the one hand, and young talents from Morocco and Turkey on the other hand, who will make a creation together. The result will be shown as try outs and presentations in Tanger and Istanbul, and then finally on the Urban Sport & Art Festival in Ghent and Antwerp. This project is an aspiration of these young people. Lots of them have a migration background (especially Morrocan and Turkish) and are anxious to get to know the modern cultural life of young people of their age in these countries of their background. This of course besides the usual exotic and traditional forms of cultural expression from these countries as we can see here many times. The celebration of 50 years of Moroccan and Turkish migration to Belgium in 2014 enflamed even more the motivation and curiosity to launch an exchange project with these countries. The young people from Belgium with this migration background will be connected to the large Turkish and Moroccan communities in both Ghent and Antwerp. It is for this also important that they get a view in this modern artistic and cultural life in the countries with which they have a historical and original affinity. The modern cultural-artistic output which is often ignored or underestimated in these countries, doesn’t always get the attention it deserves in the west. Here we often prefer the more exotic and ethnic defined art forms from these countries. The young artists from Morocco and Turkey can by this means also break out of these ‘traditional’ networks and exchange with other young people. In this project they can expand their network and experience, and create a production of their own which will be shown on different stages – this only is already a big experience. The young artists from Belgium with this migration background will learn more about the situation in other countries and vice versa. Youngsters from Belgium, Morocco and Turkey are in need of extra professional input and are eager to explore new opportunities and experiences, so they can create new ways of blossoming. With this project the youngsters will get to know each others possibilities and benefits, and learn how to create something with this. Essential in this project is exchange, network and meeting between the young participants. In total there will be working intensively 24 participants between 13 and 25 years. Most of them didn’t follow any art classes or artistic education, and are mostly coming out of a difficult socio-economic situation. At het end of the project they will have more experience in exploring and improve their skills by exchange, peer-to-peer learning, and they will have developed a better view on the structures and the forms of expression in other countries. Parallel and very important is of course is the connection between the partner organisations which will be established in this project. The method which will be used will unroll itself in three steps. First the youngsters will get it to contact with each other in an informal way via social media, e-mail. A first meeting before all will be held to create the project design, timing and to set the first dates of visits and meetings. On the first visit there will be communal dance, theater and music sessions. In this way there’ll arise spontaneous exchange between the youngsters. In a second step the youngsters will work together with a choreographer on a first assignement. During this assignement there’ll be created, experimented and played with music, moving and choreography. They’ll explore different styles, work methods and will have time to exchange ideas and try them out; there’ll also be support and coaching in this phase. The project want to create a working environment which challenges the youngsters to explore and extend their boundaries, to be open for new contexts, to learn new forms of expressions. They will be triggered to re-new themselves, to break through to a higher level. No static identities, but continously evoluating and merging identities. In the next step they’ll work on the creation and get the chance to create their own choreography and to teach his to each other. They’ll work intensively with the choreographer on the production with different try outs and a presentation on the Urban Sport & Art Festival. The making of and the result will be filmed and printed on dvd for further use and future projects.



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