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Boosted barley utilisation and consumption in the EU for better health (BARLEYBOOST)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The two year project for boosted usage of barley in Europe involves nine partners who represent seven countries in Europe. The four SME partners in the consortium seek R&D expertise to develop a novel milling concept for European barley, to produce barley kernels/fractions with a higher level of health components than barley from conventional milling. This potentially opens new markets for the milling industry. It will also increase their milling capacity, reduces waste and create a competitive advantage in terms of diversifying milling and bakery product ranges. Finally it creates opportunities for equipment manufacturers to sell more monitoring and milling systems.There are three main objectives in the BARLEYboost project: 1) To develop monitoring tools for analysis and control of the barley pearling process (during milling), for flour quality analysis, and for end product quality. 2) To develop an innovative barley milling process to enrich different grain tissues and health component. 3) To develop new food products by using barley fractions with proven health claims.The research work will be carried out on behalf of the SME's by Nofima, VTT and INRA. The SME's in the consortium includes the milling company, Stangeland Mølle in Norway, the two bakeries, Råde Bakeri in Norway and Pats in Estonia and the ingredient supplier Macphie in Scotland. The instrumentation company Perten and the global specialist in the supply of plants and services for processing grain Bühler AG will support the project together as larger enterprises.



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