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Boost your English and your spirits
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are a branch of British School, a nationwide language school, based in a Warsaw suburb, Poland. We teach foreign languages to adults from 20+ to 50+. Our school has been on the market for 3 years and it has been constantly developing and achieving better results. Within the project we desire to further develop our company by increasing qualifications of our personnel. We strongly believe it will influence directly on making our offer more attractive and strengthen a more stable position of the school on the market. We classify our expectations and goals associated with the project as a) rational and b) abstract. The rational ones include; increasing the prestige of the school by having our teachers undergo professional training which will deepen their knowledge related to teaching English as well as development of the company due to the possibility of a more informative and attractive advertisement, a greater freedom of functioning in the English-speaking environment in addition to expanding the company's offer by new courses – and thus, our staff will have more classes and consequently their earnings will increase and it also might lead to the creation of new jobs. At the level of abstract aims, first of all, lies the increase in satisfaction and motivation of our employees as well as gaining priceless, new contacts among teachers from all over Europe and a boost of self-confidence during class hours, which potentially, will make classes more modern, more attractive to our students. We have carefully selected participants for the courses: they will be our school key teachers; those who have cooperated with us for a longer period of time, those who present a constant need for self development. Our school specializes in teaching foreign languages, however we mainly focus on English. Our guiding motto is: professionalism. We strive to create a working environment for our staff to perform their duties efficiently, hence we have invested in: interactive whiteboards, an online register and a team which confronts modern-day solutions. We would like at least some of our academic staff to go to Great Britain to attend the BUSINESS ENGLISH: A HANDS-ON APPROACH course as we desire to specialize in this domain as the demand of group Business English courses is high. The TEACHING LANGUAGES USING TECHNOLOGIES course will help us expand our offer; classes via the online messenger Skype as well as the introduction of e-learning in our school. We also plan to introduce newer, better methods of using the interactive whiteboards in the classroom. We would also like some of our teachers to attend training sessions related to general teaching methodology, increasing language skills, accent refreshment as well as the usage of creative teaching methods during lessons as part of Teaching Advanced Students, Overseas Teacher Professional Development Programme 2015, Creative Methodology for the Classroom workshops. The travel arrangements ahead of the courses for the British School employees will be well planned, designed and monitored. As the number of attendees is not high, two people will be sufficient to supervise the preparations. While abroad we offer our employees a possibility to contact us via an online messenger or phone. We plan to have the course participants of particular training sessions share their experiences and newly acquired knowledge with the rest of our academic staff. Subsequently, we plan on creating educational materials in the form of multimedia presentations and granting access to the storage of gained information by means of books and notes to the rest of the team so that everyone in the company could benefit from the newly experienced colleagues. The potential project results as well as its benefits are the multidimensional aspects related to the development of the company. A language school is not simply a building but it is the people in it. It is the teachers who are our calling card and specialists, who thanks to their high standard education, hard work and charisma - make our clients want to further develop themselves and to join us again in the following academic year. This is why we strive to make the teachers who work with us feel an ever-growing motivation, an increasing eagerness to do what they love and are so good at. We hope that the widening of our offer will grant us the long-term satisfaction of the results. In the future, we would like to carry a significant number of classes online.