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Bon Voyage and Bon Appetit
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project coordinated by Oulu Vocational College (OSAO) the students and experts of Food Technology, Tourism and Hotel, Restaurant and Catering from OSAO, Vocational college Lappia and Lapland Tourism college have the opportunity to familiarize with international food and travelling cultures in the form of on-the-job-learning and teacher exchange. The students will gain priceless experience and a chance to improve their professionality in an international environment. In Northern Finland international know-how is crucial and the project's aim is to produce competent employees for the challenges of the working life. The experts will gain access to colleges in different countries where they will see first-hand how the teaching of their own profession has been organized. They will improve their language and cultural proficiency and gain international preparedness in their work, as well as in sending students abroad for on-the-job-learning and receiving foreign students. The aim of the project is also to strengthen the cooperation between two big northern vocational colleges, OSAO and Lappia, which began with the project Bon Appetit. A new national partner Lapland Tourism College came into the project with its own contacts and networks, which will be a great addition to OSAOs and Lappias cooperation. With these three partners we will increase the internationality in the fields, as well as national and international cooperation in Northern Finland. One of the main aims for the project is the streamlining of the vocational assessments. In the previous Bon Appetit -project the foundation for cooperation was built and the vocational skill demonstrations were not made a main focus. With this project the aim is to also include the vocational skills demonstrations in the international on-the-job-learning periods and assesment according to ECVET. The number of participants applied for is 65 for VET learners and 24 for staff/experts. The students' on-the-job-learning periods are 6-8 weeks and the experts' periods 7 days. The students will receive an international perspective to their work and they will also improve their language and social skills with the help of the project. This will benefit them during their studies and later in the working life. The experts will have the opportunity to improve their professionality in international environments and strengthen the international relations of the colleges in Europe. With the project the aim is also to continue the excellent cooperation with the partners from different countries.



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