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BMW utvekslingselev 2016
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This application is a continuation of a collaboration between Åssiden vocational school and BMW AG , which started in connection with a contact seminar in autumn 2011 , followed by mutual meetings in spring 2012 . First student exchange our 2013 second exchange was done spring 2014 . From Åssiden vocational school is it the students and teachers from VG2 Technical and industrial production who traveling . From BMW AG 's training center is the apprentices and master / teacher who travels. The four main objectives of the exchanges is academic , cultural , linguistic and social development . For partnership , we emphasize an open , trusting dialogue and honest feedback. We aim to achieve as good a project as possible for all participants. We have a mutual desire that this collaborative project to continue. We look at BMW AG as a great character in product design and craftsman traditions. The city of Berlin has good communication with Drammen, and offers a rich cultural history that we will integrate into the project. Åssiden vocational school has as one of its goals in the business plan to engage in internationalization. The Erasmus project makes it possible for vocational programs to provide a service to its students to gain an international look at their subjects and other cultures , as well as experience in using one or more foreign languages. Participants will initially receive a personal growth of such a stay . The stay could lead to changing attitudes towards people from other countries. They will be able to gain greater understanding of the above fellows in relation to their culture. Students' self-esteem increases through such a positive stay abroad. Clean professional will yield possibly be somewhat limited , but both the design and methodology is the identification to be made. We find that everyone involved has large linguistic benefits of such a stay . Given developments in business with more foreigners in many workplaces in Norway and the Norwegian companies take on missions abroad , it will be a plus for those who get this opportunity. The respect of foreign workers will increase through the next generation of Norwegian workers get this opportunity. Once they have been on such an exchange would be easier to make a long exchange as an apprentice . Students / trainees with this experience , which shows that they are ripe to go out on missions, will be attractive in the labor market. We believe that this may help to increase the performance of businesses . The exchange takes place one time a year, but at different times. In May 2015 and in May 2016 it is planned that the Norwegian students with the following persons have their exchange period at BMW AG. The German group of apprentices and follow the person / are to conduct their two -week stay in Norway in the week 47-48 in 2015, and week 47-48 2016 . We are using new ways to promote this project , such as Facebook and our own website can increase youth engagement for mechanics. New training initiatives that language lab , and intersected motorcycle may increase the desire to learn English.



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