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Bluetooth Low-energy Integrated Module for SME’s (BLIM4SME)
Date de fin: 1 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The demand for wireless sensors in healthcare and lifestyle areas is experiencing rapid growth. Such applications call for radio links which have to fulfil several stringent requirements, such as: standardized connectivity for plug-and-play interconnection with other devices; ultra-portability with tiny modules for maximal comfort for the wearer; ultra-low-power consumption for long autonomy; and flexibility for being easily embedded with a heterogeneous set of other components like sensors, signal processors, energy harvesters.The BLIM4SME project addresses these challenges by developing an ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) module focussing on healthcare and lifestyle. BLE is currently addressed by large semiconductor industries, in the form of complex systems-on-chip (SoC) which aim at covering many applicative areas, but their excessive versatility makes them non-optimal for those applications where ultra-portability and ultra-low-power are mandatory. Therefore, BLIM4SME aims at developing an optimized solution targeting the rapidly increasing landscape of EU SME’s and industries that require beyond state-of-the-art, highly integrated and ultra-low-power BLE radios for their next generation bio-medical, healthcare, sports and fitness products.Concretely, the project will develop RF IP blocks which will be embedded into a single “antenna-and-radio” miniaturized chip leveraging an innovative “integrated passive devices” (IPD) technology platform. The outcome will be a BLE module yielding a factor of at least 5 times better “power-size” figure of merit compared to today’s leading industrial solutions.



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