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Blíže k přírodě – blíž k mému potenciálu
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project brings a 10 day international self development focused on outdoor training for 26 youth workers from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia and Bulgaria ). It offers a change of a usual working environment. This change will enable new non typical points of view on processes which we are all parts of. A special emphasis is put on using one´s own potential for a job opprotunity. Several courses in this training bring an alternative of a typical working space, which has a form of pure nature. In nature fixed stereotypes and styles stop working, the participants become more open to new experiences and see themselves and their colleagues in a new light. They notice the details which remain unrevealed in daily life. This project first of all supports a field of youth work. It offers an introduction and teambuilding of a new international team, building mutual trust, improving team communication. Through outdoor activities participants practice skills needed for their job. Especially leading skills, skill to motivate, to delegate, cope with stress and being able to apply changes and to get to know oneself better.This training leads young people to inspire each other in order to participate in bringing changes in the fields of employability, ecology, sports, and mutual cooperation also without modern technologies. Bringing people closer to each other in non traditional and complicated situations is a way to make an impact on one´s own future and future of a country.Main theme of this training is tolerance and creating a skill of accepting oneself while focusing on strengths, or potential. During ten days of this activity participants will explore the critical thinking and how to apply it on in their own approach towards life challenges. It will also serve them in reaching a change in their environment, in using their energy for discovering and implementing a program, which will bring another point of view on a known subject. This training will support in practicing further skills: own initiative, understanding, that repeating isnt necessarily the best solution, decision making and conflict solving, improving self trust and communication skills as well as team work and evaluation of group dynamics. Also we will practice reflection on behavior. Our training aims to have an impact on national and international level in the area of "learning by doing" method. Through this project youth workers can experience how every person gets a new skills/knowledge via one´s own experience and reflecting upon it. We put emphasis more on the process, not that much on reaching a goal itself. In a process of dealing with obstacles one is overcoming uncertainty in his own capacity, gets to know himself in non typical life situations and is connecting to nature and other people in an intense way while solving the problem. Another impact is a promotion of outdoor as a legitimate method for educating and training adults, especially then youth workers. Training brings methods which support a person in searching for and keeping a job, or also choosing enterpreneurship. The participants of this project will bring back with them new techniques and approaches which they can later on apply in their work with young people.



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