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Blended Programme
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Blended Programme is a project executed by Ireland, Finland and The Netherlands. It includes a variety of educational aspects. Blended Programme prepares the VET student for its future profession, for its position as a (young) employer within the EU and beyond, while interacting with intercultural awareness and mastering of language(s) to strengthen the position of the VETstudents. Vocational Education and Training are keywords for this project named Blended Programme. Vocational Education in homecountries is intensified and innovated by the offer of a curriculum-based module to be attended in an other country combined with learning more about the EU and being further skilled in one or more languages. The training -the internship- will also be executed in this other country extended with examination of the participating student by accredited assessors. The incompany tutors are accredited assessors, after having followed a training. Blended Programme is curriculumbased, a natural part of the home curricula of the VETstudents. Blended Prorgramme guides the VETstudent from pre-departure to a hostcountry till after its return home. VETstudents who are to participate have successfully finished the first two years of their courses at level 3 or 4 and are ready for a new challenge. The curricula of these students state and offer this international subprogramme where VETstudents are inspired forward in their careers. VETstudents who participate will not have to re-do certain parts of their internship anymore. They will not experience any delay in course activities when back home and can continue and finish their study as predicted. Blended Programme aims to reach a total of more than 25 students of the three participating countries, practically involved in the project in the coming two years. The project offers two differing pilots, including two different lengths of the programme, to settle it at the end. One pilot will have students from Finland and The Netherlands going to Ireland. The second pilot will have students from the participating countries going across borders for the project. At the end of the project a Blended Programme Guide will be published on the website of the project. This is a compilation of useful resources developed during the project's lifetime to guide students and inform VETinstitutions and VETworkplacement organisations.This guide will take you through the development of the aim of this project: VET students being skilled and examined across borders, within the EU in full cooperation with organisations offering internships.The guide also provides the reader with all assignments or outlines which can be adapted to one's own need and situation.



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