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Blended Learning Design Methodology for Education in Green Entrepreneurship at Secondary Schools
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The GREENT project combines the efforts of 5 organisations, active in the field of entrepreneurship education in 5 EU countries in an attempt to offer a long-term solution to a key pan-European challenge (Europe 2020 strategy), related to development of green mind-set of future generations of EU entrepreneurs. The project addresses the need of transformation of EU economy into a green one and the development of new skills required for both green jobs and entrepreneurship. The project aims at bridging the “gap” in the educational system between the need of new green skills and the lack of adequate educational content for development of such skills, through innovative training course for teachers in delivering green entrepreneurship education, utilizing blended learning methodology. The key innovation is that teams of pilot teachers receive green entrepreneurship training and the opportunity to develop the complete set of GREENT lessons to be used in the classroom. The project will involve directly at least 25 teachers and 500 high-school students in piloting the green entrepreneurship course in the 5 partner countries. The GREENT project will have a significant impact for teachers, students, project partners and other stakeholders. Teachers will learn how to utilize new content (green entrepreneurship), methods (blended learning) and tools (online education platforms) to deliver high quality education. Furthermore, they will improve their digital competences and their understanding for the demands of greening the economy. Secondary school students will develop green entrepreneurial mindsets, which will improve their entrepreneurship, digital and language competences; overall educational attainments; openness to international cooperation with other teachers and students; enhanced intercultural awareness. Project partners will benefit from the know-how exchanged and synthesized during the project lifecycle and integrated into their daily activities related to continuous training and interaction with teachers and students in the field of green entrepreneurship. The impact on all stakeholders (parents, employers, social partners, policy makers, etc.) is related to increased green entrepreneurship awareness. The GREENT products will contribute to raising the teachers’ performance and will increase students’ understanding of the new realities of the world of work and business. Additional impacts are related to increased synergies and links between education and business; reinforced interaction between practice, research and policy in each system; intensified use of open educational resources (OER) for continuous training of teaching community; increased number of good practices in content and language integrated learning. Thus the project will enhance the educational systems of the countries involved and serve as a basis for further development.



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