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Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The school's long and short-term objectives include the gradual development of the training process and the professional development of our teachers and students. For teachers this development is achieved through various trainings and schooling, with new connections and getting to know new methods, which are used in theoretical and vocational education. The students are constantly evolving themselves thanks to the educational process, they learn new techniques and technologies, which they deepen during the vocational trainings and internship.The aim of the project is to obtain experiences for students in an international environment and to acquire requirements imposed by the foreign employers. We wish our students have the opportunity to step out of the school-protected space and to learn modern technologies used by companies. In addition, we would like to contribute to the development of new international relationships with companies in Italy and, not least, to develop educational program of our institution.Given the special situation of the vocational training institution is unable to provide the students for the corporate / remote work environment. Nevertheless, we consider it is important for students to familiarize with the work schedule in economic organizations, labor safety standards, production management processes and advanced technologies. This knowledge acquisition is the best way to ensure the participation on foreign internship.Foreign internship participants are from the following professional groups:- High-voltage electrician (grades 10-11) - 8 people- Automation technician (grades 10-11) - 8 people- IT administrator (grades 10-11) - 8 peopleThe 24 students performs three weeks long internship placement in July and August 2017 at Italian companies.Through the implementation of the project the following students needs will be satisfied:1. The high-voltage electrician and automation technician students need to see real industrial conditions, experience the operation of electrical and electronic equipment.2. For the IT administrator students is important to acquire the company's information systems such as SAP, HR databases, proprietary / closed specifics of understanding of the IT environment.The students learn to live, communicate in a foreign language environment during the training periods spent abroad. Their professional language skills and their professional knowledge will be developed. It is important to develop their professional language, problem solving, manual and communication competence. Due to the constant pressure to adapt he participants will be flexible, have more open way of thinking. The local people are optimistic, their cooperative outlook on life can be good for a Hungarian man. Students and attendants can learn about the latest IT and manufacturing technologies, technical documentation.After the completion of the placement abroad participating students will receive the Europass Mobility, which contributes to the students' chances of future employment growth.



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