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Bireyi Öğrenme Teknikleri
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Observance of the diversity of the individuals forming the cornerstone of the community, happy, be able to solve the problem, which can be self-sufficient, the necessary environment for the growth of susceptible individuals should be provided. Guidance; recognition of the individual and the individual himself made the best of its ability to use is defined as the systematic environmental opportunities to help the process. Interests and abilities of the students in choosing the appropriate educational programs and professions, failure, apathy and social discord and so on. assist in resolving the problem; their strengths and weaknesses, interests and values of attitude depends on a thorough knowledge of the developer and the environment in which they grow inhibitory effect. Means that students recognize its length, weight, how to dress, hair color, face, and so on. Knowing the properties to be able to tell exactly. The most important addition to them; what can be done, how much time do what they do best, how to meet them when they encounter difficult situations and how to solve the features as related to student must be known. If you get to know the students do the best for them, we want to prepare them in the best way in the future, we need to recognize our students in every aspect. Our organization is a private secondary school and has a counselor. Counselor can not reach to all the students. However, the class advisor can open the way to success for students to recognize good students. Our Project aims to class consultant of our 16 teacher to take "Individual Identification Techniques" course. The aim of our project; Technique that allows the identification and implementation of all aspects of the individual, evaluation and learning how to share the results. Improving the quality of education offered in our school, by the recognition of the individual. Increase the quality of our teachers. Teachers determine our course programs and activities appropriate to meet students' learning needs and interests and to choose the technique, to determine the most appropriate evaluation and assessment methods, Using the potential of each student to ensure the highest level of our teachers Recognition of the individual to himself and to help develop a realistic self, Academic programs and career guidance to individuals in accordance with the abilities and interests of our teachers. Our teachers decide to the appropriate support and treatment services to individuals diagnostics of problems. TO INFORM THE PARTICIPANTS, SELECT AND AND CONTRACTS (JULY-NOVEMBER 2015) Participants will be selected and contracts signed Preparation (December 2015 – January 2016) Participants to cultural, will be done a work to inform and to prevent a risk Logistics and practical support to participants Enhancer of motivation and information to be made a primary factor in meeting To visit the partner institutions of the contact person The completion of transactions accommodation, travel, insurance and viza about abroad dislocation TRIP AND COURSE PROGRAM (January-February 2016) The trip will be done to Germany and the trip will be during the school vocation The course program is done for in two groups and will be for 12 days. The course program will be held during the week days and during the weekend there will be social activities.In each group there will be 8 participants and one trainer The duration of course will be totally 60 hours. DISSEMINATION, EVALUATION AND FINAL DECISION (March-July 2016) Dissemination sheet(document) will be prepared and planned the dissemination activities Evaluation of the project will prepared and the final report will be made METHODOLOGY: transparent, fair participants, realistic and realistic budget, the work of the team-based on sharing responsibility and effective decision-making methods will be used. Affect:There will be more powerful communication by allowing the exchange students.By determining the level of the students will be able to ready for the plan of education. Individual recognition techniques that can apply the evaluation of the result. Teachers will see the benefits of self-development and their impact on the professional sense. Participants give value to students, students know the differences between the individual, support students at the point they are successful, respect the human rights, Using information and communication technology issues will develop themselves. Participants renewed a continuous life and long learners, which develops skills, open to innovation inquisitive, observant and will be a supportive teacher. they will add into their environment and schools to positive value. EU citizenship and the learning achievements of our country will make a positive contribution to the EU process. In addition the development of foreign language also have the chance to future Teachers will make their job and duty by knowing and loving